Struggling to find the perfect photo of a loved one for your memorial cards?

Try our Memorial Photo Editing & Restoration service to restore old photos! Professional Photo Editing is carried out on your old and damaged photographs which can often can be digitally retouched and restored to their former glory, by our photograph restoration team. No matter what the damage or what your requirements you will be surprised by the results we can achieve in replacing missing parts of photographs, colouring up black and white and removing dust and scratches, and that is just the easy stuff for us!.

  • Digitally remove blemishes and tears or scratches.
  • Colourise photographs back to their original quality, if not better.
  • Remove unwanted objects, persons or backgrounds
  • Crop, enlarge or reduce your photos.
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Old Photo Restoration

Old Photo Restoration

Photo Colorisation

B&W Photo Colourisation

Basic Photo Editing

Basic Photo Editing

Advanced Photo Editing

Advanced Photo Editing

Extra Photo

Add Extra Photo/s

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Photo Tips & Tricks

To ensure the best possible print results we strongly advise and recommend that customers use photos no lower than 300dpi. In short the higher the DPI (dots per inch), the sharper the image will be. You get more detail and greater resolution from an image with higher DPI. A lower DPI will produce an image with fewer dots in printing, meaning lower quality, possibly blurring or pixelation. 

By Scanner


By Camera

Scan at 300dpi (resolution)
Scan at the same size (100%)
Set to high quality Jpeg


Take the photo square on
No flash but in good light in focus
At the maximum size of the camera