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Wednesday, 22 July 2020  |  Admin
3 Great Saints To Celebrate

People all over the world have heard of Saint Patrick, even many people who are neither Irish nor Catholic thanks to the famous St Patrick’s Day. As vital as Saint Patrick was for Irish Catholics, we wanted to take some time to remind ourselves of, and celebrate, some Catholic Saints that maybe aren’t acknowledged as often.

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Friday, 3 July 2020  |  Admin
What is Month's Mind?

Month’s Mind is a Requiem Mass (also known as Mass For The Dead), that was historically performed by Roman Catholics. Although it is not as widely celebrated as it once was, a handful of parishes continue to keep up the tradition, particularly across the UK and Ireland.

Month’s Mind is held roughly a month after a person’s death, hence the name. It is used as a way to continue to remember and celebrate the deceased. The most common way Month’s Mind is performed is a Mass for the family and close friends of the deceased, including prayers and hymns.

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