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Greetings and goodbyes are a part of our everyday life. Being able to find the appropriate words to bid farewell to people we care about can be tough. After all, how can you adequately communicate how much they meant to you with only a few words?

It is a blessing to be able to write your eulogy when requested to speak at the funeral or memorial of a dearly departed friend or family member. Without anything to say, other people find themselves in the unenviable position of having to look for one of the best funeral poems, which is comforting, heart-warming, and uplifting, but also polite.

Monday, 18 October 2021  |  Admin
No Tears Memorial Poem

No Tears...
Departure is unbearable, and that is true. But, your loved one who has left you will never like it when they see you crying for them. It will hurt their soul, and hence, they will always want you to stay happy knowing that they are at peace. At your dear one's funeral service, you can always recite this beautifully penned memorial poem. 
It is always very difficult to express your sorrow in words, and hence poems are an easy way out to get some relief. This poem that we have got for you depicts what life after death is for your dearest one. You can recite it for consoling someone who is deeply attached to the departed soul. So, now let us take our time and begin with the analysis of what this poem means.

'No Tears' is one of the most special funeral blues written by the author Constance Jenkins. Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of a person's departure, this brief poem about losing a loved one encourages people to remember the good times they had. Constance Jenkins had written this poem to comfort her sister, who has lost her dearest pet cat. 

The poet asks on behalf of the departed soul to its dear one left behind not to cry since they have left the world and entered the calm night dipped in silence. If you wish to show your sorrow and release your grief, you can, but not for a long time. It is because; the soul is on a very serene yet peaceful journey.


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Monday, 18 October 2021  |  Admin
My Journey Poem

My Journey...
It is very obvious and normal for people to have negative perspectives about death. We believe that this ‘life’ that we live today and the ambitions that we achieve in this world are our end goals. However, this entire life and our achievements are a mirage. They are not that all counts, for we are the children of almighty, and this life is just a phase for us to get back to him. Hence, do not feel hopeless or devastated when you lose your beloved people since they were destined to leave this world.
Memorial Card Shop has always understood the plight of a person after losing their family members and friends. Thus, here is one of our best funeral poems to say goodbye to your dear ones as they enter a new world. We hope that you will go through this poem and connect to the people you are missing after their departure. You will be glad knowing that they are in a much better place. This funeral poem for dad, mom, grandparents, or siblings can always be on the list for the memorial service.

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Friday, 1 October 2021  |  Admin
He Only Takes The Best Memorial Poem

For people who find it difficult to communicate their sentiments and sorrow, memorial poems are unquestionably the most effective means of letting yourself be heard and understood. Death and departure are unavoidable aspects of human existence. Other than this, there is no other option for removing pain and suffering from one's life. It is the unavoidable truth of life.
Losing a family member is undoubtedly a sad and hopeless experience in a person's existence. Even the most powerful and wealthy people fall short in the presence of the almighty since no one is greater than that lord. All we can do is honor the memories and days spent with the departed soul's spirit in our hearts. A funeral ceremony is the most appropriate time for everyone to remember and cherish the happy, loving, and affectionate moments they shared with their loved ones during their lifetime.
To describe your roller coaster of emotions and feelings, you can always turn to the funeral poems, which are weaved with words heard by the soul, to help you express your thoughts and feelings. One of the most amazing and cheerful poems to say goodbye at funeral has to be - He Only Takes The Best. This poem about loss is written by Frances, and Kathleen Coelho, is something that will touch the hearts of everyone who reads it.

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Contented Memorial Poem

Was it ever brought to your attention that memorial poems can play a significant role in the grieving process? While it is regrettable that poetry readings are becoming less and less popular in ordinary life, they are still frequently employed at major rituals and events, such as funerals, to honor the deceased. Despite the fact that we only use poems on rare occasions, our desire to resort to them to commemorate significant events demonstrates that we still comprehend the power of uplifting funeral readings and are attracted to them.
An excellent poem about loss helps you to express the essence of the human predicament in a few simple lines. The poet examines universal topics and strives to express an aspect of human life through the perfect arrangement of a few carefully curated words. Funeral blues that are relatable are the best. When we write it, we are able to explain ourselves to others, and when we read it, we are able to develop empathy and remember everything we have in common. To feel joy and pain, to laugh and cry, to celebrate the joys of life while fearing our mortality is what poetry does. In this sense, it helps us to feel more connected to the people around us.
Contented is one of the most powerful and joyous funeral poems that make a listener realize how much willpower the person who is no more had when he/she was alive. You can pick this bereavement poem at your parents’ or grandparents’ funeral to show everyone their strength. There is not much information about the poet, but whosoever he/she deserves a hug for being so strong and positive. 

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Friday, 1 October 2021  |  Admin
Her Journey Poem

Tears are never enough to erase the sorrows that one suffers due to losing a dear one. The pain of departure becomes much more intense when the person that you lose is your parent. From the day we are born to our last moment, it is just our parents who love us selflessly. There is so much that they keep doing for us, and hence, their loss always makes us feel empty. You can no more tell them how special they are for you and how much you love them.

A heartfelt message in remembrance poem is surely one way for you to express your love for them. A funeral service is the best moment for you to cherish your entire life well-spent with your dearest parents. Funeral blues are often read during funeral services or memorial services, and this is noteworthy. In times of sadness and suffering, such sad poems can bring comfort and healing. Memorial verses can also serve to bring back memories of the feelings experienced when the individual was still alive. Poems like ‘Her Journey’ bring back memories of joy, cherished love, and time spent together with loved ones. Your love for the individual who has passed away into eternity might be shown through a funeral poem about loss.

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Death Is Nothing At All Poem by Henry Scott Holland

Death Is Nothing At All
Every individual has their meaning for death. Some consider it to be a departure that takes you beyond the skies, while a few others consider it to be just a shift of your soul from one form to another. "Death is nothing at all' is also one such memorial poem that expresses a new perspective of death. Written by the poet Henry Scott Holland, this grief poem takes on the nature of death and how it is not a real separation.
The poem about loss, 'Death is Nothing at All,' is six stanzas long and is divided into stanzas of varying lengths to produce a complete composition. The final verse of this funeral poem is the most out of the ordinary. It is expanded into two more phrase-like lines, which bring the memorial verse to a conclusion.
To make the poem about losing a loved one and its message more personalized, the poet has opted to have his lead character talk in the first person with an omniscient and narrative perspective in his poem. The point of view allows the reader to take a deeper look and get more invested in the speaker's situation. If nothing else, it may inspire the reader to apply the poet's words to their situation. 

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Thursday, 23 September 2021  |  Admin
Your Gentle Face Poem

Even though poems about the death of a child cannot reverse this devastating loss, they can provide support and comfort to bereaved parents. Every parent and each member of the family feels very different about the loss of a child, and for every emotion, there is a memorial poem. Whenever planning a funeral for your son or daughter, always consider expressing your unspoken emotions with the help of beautiful funeral poem. 
Experiencing and grieving for a child is an individual experience that can be portrayed in remembrance poetry about child loss. Bereaved parents and other close family members and friends will find comfort in these memorial poems for parents that express their feelings of rage, sorrow, grief, hopelessness, and even acceptance.
The death of a child is one of the most terrible tragedies that a person can experience in his or her life. For bereaved parents, love and support from friends and family are essential. Please think about sending a compassionate letter to someone you love who is grieving the loss of a child.
‘Your Gentle Face’ is a memorial poem for a son which was written by Ann Marie Portelli in the year 2012. She wrote this heartfelt poem in the loving memory of Bryan Portelli. Every word weaved in this poem reflects the grief that this mother has been living with to date. 

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Thursday, 23 September 2021  |  Admin
After Glow Poem

Death and memories are synonymous with each other. It is, with the help of these memorial poems, that you cherish the moments spent with your loved ones wholeheartedly. We at Memorial Card Shop have always managed to get you beautiful sad poetry for expressing love and affection for the departed soul. 
In recent years, one of the best short memorial poems, "Afterglow," has gained popularity as a means of creating a more positive and cheerful atmosphere at a funeral or memorial ceremony. This form of sympathy poems for loss of a loved one in the memorial service portrays death in a more peaceful manner. It helps you tell everyone in attendance to remember the departed soul fondly and with love in their hearts rather than with grief. This is a sad poem about death which contains numerous examples of imagery as well as excellent uses of symbolic language.
Afterglow is penned down by Helen Lowrie Marshall to depict how death should be regarded by the family and friends left behind. The poet, in the first line of the memorial poem 'Afterglow,' declares that she wants to leave wonderful memories and contentment behind. In her mind, she is hoping that her life will leave a trail of smiles and a reverberation of joyful memories and warmth. 

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We Lost A Father With A Heart Of Gold

Losing your parents is an irreparable loss that none of us ever wants to go through. However, once such an incident happens in your life, it leaves you shattered. Every moment, every second, you remember them. All that you want to do is, say a heartfelt goodbye to them. The funeral is the time for reliving every moment that you have spent with your parents, be it happy or sad ones. Hence, you ensure to make it the best with the help of memorial poems for parents.

This poem for grief is apt to showcase how much you miss your mom and dad. The writer Mary Elizabeth Frye has woven every word with love and affection. She has very much made sure that you are able to express your feelings about the void that has been left empty after your parent's departure.

The funeral poems we've gathered here are perfect for delivering a eulogy or reading at your mom or dad's funeral. A few of them will strive to help you celebrate their life and all that they provided to the world, while others will look to reflect on what they meant to you.

Father with a heart of gold (or mother) is beautiful, sad poetry that helps you remember the two loveliest people in life.

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Thursday, 23 September 2021  |  Admin
Stairway To Heaven

Did you know that the best eulogy peoms can play a vital role in the healing process after a traumatic event such as loss due to death? While it is regrettable that poetry readings are becoming less and less popular in ordinary life, they are still frequently employed at major rituals and events, such as funerals in the form of memorial poems to honor the deceased. 
Eulogy poem readings at funerals can be meaningful rituals. A grief poem helps you to celebrate the loved one's life and reinforces the bonds of mourning. It doesn't matter if the funeral poem chosen by you is sad or encouraging and inspiring. Memorial poems for loved ones can help us find purpose in loss and bring us into a reflective mindset. In a poetry reading, everyone in the room shares an intimate moment. 
One of the very special poems that we have today is the 'Stairway to Heaven' by Karen White from her Pieces of the Heart. This very special and heartwarming funeral poem was written by her when she lost her daughter. She had got this engraved on her stone which was standing tall in her backyard. The loss of a child for a mother is unbearable, and so is the feeling for Karen. This is a sad child poem is heart-touching for every mom who has suffered the same loss. 

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