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Our Most Popular Poems for Memorial and Condolences Cards

It isn’t easy to find the right words to say when a loved one has passed away, which is one of the many reasons people often choose to include verses, prayers and poems for memorial cards. We have a range of short verses, longer verses and thank you messages that you are free to browse, use and edit if you wish to do so.

We decided to compose a list of our most popular memorial card poems, both religious and non-religious, so you can get an idea of what people commonly put in their in-memoriam cards.


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Wednesday, 17 June 2020  |  Admin
The History of Memorial Cards

Many people who have attended a Catholic funeral will have seen a memorial card. Memorial cards, also known as funeral, mourning, or in memoriam cards, are used as a tribute to those who have passed. 

Memorial cards can often be as small as a business card, for people to store it in their purse or wallet as a keepsake; However, in modern times memorial cards also come in the form of small leaflets and folded cards.

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