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Our Funeral Memorial Cards are entirely custom-designed and usually several photographs of the deceased. Upload your favourite photographs, background images, or choose from a variety of backgrounds we have in stock and together we will create a card that captures the memory of your loved one for your funeral memorial cards. You may also use our memorial verses, prayers or your own choice at no extra cost for your personalised memorial cards. Once your in memory cards for funeral order is received an email proof copy will be sent for your perusal at which point you can make unlimited changes.

Whats sizes are Funeral Memorial Cards?
Open Sizes H100mm x W140mm / 10cm x 14cm / 4" x 5.5" | Heavy Card Stock 300gsm | Gloss Laminated & 4 Page Folded | Free Envelopes Included

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Custom Memorial Cards  Code BES01MC

BES01 Folding Memorial Card

Custom Memorial Card  Code BES02MC

BES02 Folding Memorial Card

Custom Memory Card  Code BES03MC

BES03 Folding Memorial Card

Death Memorial Cards  Code BES04MC

BES04 Folding Memorial Card

Death Memorial Card  Code BES05MC

BES05 Folding Memorial Card

Design Your Own Memorial Cards  Code BES06MC

BES06 Folding Memorial Card

Bespoke Memorial Cards Code BES07MC

BES07 Folding Memorial Card

Laminated Funeral Cards Code BES08MC

BES08 Folding Memorial Card

Funeral Cards Code BES10MC

BES10 Folding Memorial Card


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items